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Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) BHR4852TW
Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) BHR4852TW

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) BHR4852TW

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) BHR4852TW
Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) BHR4852TW
Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) BHR4852TW

Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) is an excellent choice for those looking for a modern, stylish and smart ceiling light.

The lamp has many advantages:

  • It is 26mm thin and has a slightly convex rim that provides 180° light coverage.
  • Adjustable brightness and colour temperature: the lamp's brightness can be adjusted up to 1900 lumens and the colour temperature can be varied between 2700K and 6500K to achieve cooler, warmer or natural light.
  • Smart features: the lamp can be connected to the Mi Home app via Wi-Fi for remote control (brightness, colour temperature, timing).
  • Energy-saving operation: only 24W power consumption
  • Long-life LEDs: the LEDs in the lamp will last for up to 25,000 hours, which means you won't need to replace them for years.
  • Insect-proof: the design of the lamp prevents insects from getting in.
  • IP50 dustproof: the lamp is dustproof, making it easy to clean.
  • Light around 8-15m2, depending on ceiling height.
  • High Ra95 colour rendering index - See objects in their true colours
  • Built-in Bluetooth (BLE) Gateway - Connect all your Xiaomi Home Bluetooth devices to the same account and control and monitor them remotely via the internet.
  • You can interact (automate) with other Bluetooth devices, such as turning on the lights when you open the door (requires smart door open sensor and smart switch)
  • Optional Bluetooth remote control (not included)
  • Recommended for bedroom, living room, children's room or kitchen.

Last pieces!

Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm)

Enter the era of whole-room smart lighting

Smart Control | Built-in Bluetooth Switch
Connection to Xiaomi Home app & Apple HomeKit | Adjustable Brightness and Colour Temperature | Dust- and Insect-proof

Smart operation, voice control* High colour rendering index
Stepless brightness and colour temperature adjustment Dual modes supported, built-in gateway
Linking with devices Compact, contemporary, dust- and insect-proof

Daylight and Moonlight modes
Up to 3000 lm brightness*

Stepless brightness and colour temperature adjustments using the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app. For light that meets your night-time needs use the bright, transparent Daylight Mode. For soft, cosy moonlight use the Moonlight Mode.

Daylight Mode Moonlight Mode

Connect to the Xiaomi Home app and Apple HomeKit
Packed with fun, smart control functionalities

Even more smart control functionalities for convenient, whole-room smart lighting. Siri connectivity for convenient voice-controlled light adjustments. Mi Smart Band connectivity for automatic light-off functionalities when you fall asleep. Remote control functionalities for users of all ages. Mi Wall Switch integration for online connectivity even when powered down.

Built-in Bluetooth gateway for automatic light-on functionalities when doors are opened

Built-in Bluetooth gateway for remote status checks of your Bluetooth home device and interaction functionalities with other Bluetooth home devices.

Multiple control methods* for even smarter lighting

Power on and off, adjust colour temperature and brightness, and switch between lighting modes with ease. Connect with a variety of smart devices to enable these features. Smart lighting, beyond your imagination

Compact, contemporary, dust- and insect-proof
Long-lasting, clear, bright light

With a dust- and insect-proof design, the Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) is easy to clean. With the 26 mm thin frame, this contemporary ceiling light compliments a variety of different home-furnishing styles.


With the 95 Ra CRI*
colours appear vibrant and true to life

Light sources with a CRI level closer to 100 Ra are able to illuminate objects in a way which better maintains true-to-life colour. With the Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) colours are vibrant and true-to-life, enhancing the true beauty of everything from flower arrangements to your child's artwork



Effortless whole-room, smart lightingMi Smart LED Ceiling Light

(350mm)Suitable for lighting small spaces with an area of 15–25 ㎡


Smart design with fine details
for beauty and convenience

26 mm thin frame

The Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) is slim and compact. A beautiful design with excellent lighting capabilities

ABS light diffusing cover

The Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) is designed using a unique injection mould with hot runners and small nozzles. Both impact-resistant and with high light transmittance, every ray of light appears unbroken, even and comfortable.

Simple, easy installation

Installation of the Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light (350mm) is simple and efficient using the twist-lock mounting design. Mount the base and simply screw the light in to complete installation.

Fine internal details

Lighting beyond your imagination, even internal circuits and beads are high-quality and masterfully installed

Enhanced PMMA material

Brighter, clearer light with a fine, elegant design incorporating a unique frosted-glass finish.


Article No.
Technical specifications
Luminous Flux Up to 1900 lm
Color Temperature 2700K - 6500K
Color Rendering Index Ra≥90@2700K/6500K
Ra≥95 @4000K
Service Life Approx. 25,000 hours
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Operating Humidity 0 - 85% RH
Power Factor >0.5
Rated Power 24W(48*1W/ LED module)
Rated Input 100 - 240V~50/60Hz , Max 0.23A
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Compatible with Android 4.4 & iOS 9.0 or above

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